Hollywood Gems: Dec-Jan!!

My last couple of weeks were filled with movies which gave me a scintillating experience. The category of movies featured from horrible to bad ones, and from bad to average ones. However, there was a fourth league that stood apart and had a definite class to it. Few of these stories were light-hearted while the others were real, blunt and uncompromising subjects. My best-loved movies from the entire lot are the below ones. #Hollywood #MustWatch

1. La La Land
2. I, Daniel Blake
3. Lion
4. Moonlight
5. Manchester by the Sea
6. Vaiana
7. Patriots Day

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Kaabil – Faith is Power!

Kaabil – They say ‘Love is Blind’. Yes, many would feel that. However, the thing one wouldn’t feel is how would love be for someone who is blind in reality. That is something the director has tried to convey here with ‘Kaabil’. Story-wise, I loved the moments featuring Hrithik and Yami, their chemistry had a kind of cuteness in it. Apart from that, I didn’t feel the plot was strong enough to bring out the “wow” factor.

Performance-wise, I felt Yami had a sweet presence and she did total justice to her character. Hrithik on the other hand was outstanding as Rohan Bhatnagar and probably the only reason this film didn’t break down. Kaabil is not a perfect film, but thanks to its sharp screenplay one will not get bored even for the slightest bit. #AverageFilm

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Raees – Battery Saala!

Raees – Like any classic Scotch, this flick starts off with a soothing effect and as it moves forward, the real magic strikes-in. This story showcases how a small-time bootlegger ‘Raees’ makes it big and turns out to become an ill-famed liquor baron. And how his daring persona makes him successful & his loyalty to his people gives him the stature of a demigod. His road to success & power has several hindrances, mainly from an honest police officer who wants to take him down at all cost. Every scene where the leading men face-off brings out the spark, with a lot of rapid-fire instances and cracking dialogue deliveries.

Though, we have witnessed many gangster movies in the past, this one takes us back to the good old times in a more stylish way. SRK in the negative lead is at his best, giving us the glimpse of his real ability. And Nawazuddin Siddiqui once again showcases how effortlessly he gets into the soul of a character and how his screen presence changes the cause of a film altogether. Overall, Raees is a mass entertainer with ample of paisa-vasool moments. Though, it won’t be as overwhelming as one would expect it to be, nevertheless the eventual experience won’t dishearten you either. #GoodWatch

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Udta Punjab – It gives that ‘Kick’!

Udta Punjab – To showcase a vexatious reality, it requires a proper mixture of offensive articulations with brutal instances. And that is exactly what the makers of this film have tried to portray, I felt the screenplay at times was really slow with certain scenes popping-up from nowhere, but that is compensated with excellent background scores and  laugh-out-loud moments.

As the plot revolves around people who are either ‘high’ on drugs or who are fighting against it, the script definitely has that ‘kick’ factor which makes it a superior film. I loved it mainly for its strong set of characters and depictions of bold reality. Go for it if you love watching powerful ‘unorthodox’ scripts. #GoodWatch #DrugsDiMaaDi

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Kapoor and Sons – Joyous!!

Kapoor and Sons – A sweet family drama with perfect blend of actors. Fawad’s dashing persona, Sidharth’s cool dude avatar, Alia’s bubbliness, Ratna Pathak’s affectionate touch, Rajat Kapoor’s toughness and best of them all..Rishi ‘cute-dadu’ Kapoor’s magic made it a cheerfully watchable film. I liked it, hope everyone does. #GoodWatch

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Fitoor – A Dreamy Tale!

Fitoor –  I felt, the music and dialogues were the soul of this script. But with few unwanted scenes and sedate way of storytelling, it turned out to a moderate flick altogether. Performance wise, Tabu showcased a charismatic role yet again in her grey-shaded avatar. It certainly is a watchable film, but one will not find any real reason to love it. #AverageFilm

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Hollywood’s Shining Gems!!

If you’re a movie buff and love watching real content with jaw-dropping performances. Then, you can’t afford to miss the following flicks at any cost. #MustWatch

1.The Revenant
3.The Big Short

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Bajirao Mastani – Love, Sword & Chapter!!

Bajirao Mastani – An intense research followed with fine scripting, a vision portrayed with utmost originality, frames that resembled the historical saga, a flawless bunch of artists, a director who made sure his vision reaches the audience in the most realistic manner. A well-deserved applause for the entire team. ‪#‎GoodWatch‬

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Tamasha – Screwed Up!!

Tamasha – Thanks to the success of its trailer and music, a huge buzz was created laying a good amount of expectation in the hearts of the audience. Contrary to that, the narration couldn’t withstand that expectation. Main letdown being the change of scenes from present to past and vice-versa. Personally, I was not amused with the 1st half, but the 2nd half was good and I liked it. Performances from RK and DP was on top gear. Yes, it’s an unfamiliar way of story telling that many of us won’t prefer. For me, this was a watchable film (at-least for once). ‪#‎AverageFilm‬

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Everest – ‘Peak’icture Perfect!!

Everest – If a story or any of its scenes keep striking your mind. I guess then, the script has played its part. When we talk about ‘Everest’, it does exactly the same. Everest strikes and strikes you hard.

I was so captivated with each and every shots that I badly wanted to watch it once more. Today, I watched it again and felt that I’ve done total justice to this wonderful film.

All I want to say is – “Baltasar Kormakur & every actor’s involved – Take a bow, you’ve done a great job”.  #MustWatch #MarvellousCinematography #GreatVisuals

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